Skei­ guesthouse, Bergmenn Mountain Guides

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Skei­ guesthouse

Bergmenn,accommodation,guesthouse,bungalos,mountain guides,At Bergmenn Mountain Guides we know that after a hard day of skiing, climbing or mountaineering our guests need to have a good rest. Therefor we offer you comfortable accommodation in guesthouse Skei­ in Svarfa­ardalur valley.

Guesthouse Skeid is family-friendly lodging located off the beaten path in an idyllic valley offering a panoramic view of the majestic peaks of the Troll peninsula. Within reach are innumerable hiking possibilities - from easy trails to those offering alpine challenges. There are tranquil paths, bringing horse and rider and even mountain bikers in one with nature, and there are the ancient, historic transit routes between Eyjafjord and Skagafjord. This is a ski paradise with untouched slopes, endless cross country routes, unforgettable summer nights as bright as day, and pitch black winter nights interspersed with moonlight, a blanket of stars and the spectacle of the northern lights.

A corner of the world that is peaceful yet, by nature of its diverse character, remains in constant motion! Choices include: sleeping bag accommodations, made up beds, camping, partaking in delicious meals prepared by the house. Alone, as a pair, with friends or family, as a small group, fishermen, hikers, bird watchers, herb pickers, bicyclists,á horseback riders,skiers - there is something for everyone. A remodeled stable and barn also provide a setting for cultural events, including our popular Christmas mart. Musicians, writers, artists of all types are welcome by us for their own and other events.

Skei­á Skei­ áSkei­

Skei­á Skei­ááSkei­ kitchen

Bergmenn Mountain Guides

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