Spring ski touring, heli skiing, alpine climbing and volcanic eruption in Iceland

Greetings friends and fellow mountain folk I hope this little message finds you well and enjoying winter, spring, summer or fall depending on where this

Spring ski touring, heli skiing, alpine climbing and volcanic eruption in Iceland

Greetings friends and fellow mountain folk

I hope this little message finds you well and enjoying winter, spring, summer or fall depending on where this mail finds you. Its been a good winter in Iceland with lots of ice climbing and great skiing and as you know we have not even started our ''real'' ski season which won't kick of until Easter, and lasts until June. In this mail you will find the latest news from Bergmenn Mountain Guides and Arctic Heli Skiing along with some great photos from some of our very talented professional photographer friends.

The photo on the left, by our good friend and photographer Guðmundur Tómasson was shot in Iceland's latest and greatest ice climbing area, Múlinn. This 80m sea cliff on the east coast of the Troll Peninsula was first visited and climbed back in 1983, but until this season only a few out of dozens of routes had been climbed. With the help of Canada's most humble hardman Chris Geisler, a number of moderate to scary hard climbs were put up in January and since than a number of our good clients have had the fortune of naming their own ice route in this spectacular area where you climb right above the crashing surf and watch the Petrels and Sea Gulls circling above.

As the Icelandic economy barely seems to recover and our foreign debt keeps increasing, nature has lent a helping hand in trying to earn us some cash. In March the first volcanic eruption in a decade or so started up in the southern part of Iceland with a spectacular show of spewing craters and lava flows. A perfect tourist eruption as they are called in Iceland since access is relatively easy and the size of the event not to great. Already thousands of people have come over to witness this amazing spectacle and the longer this eruption lasts the better for our foreign currency hungry economy. Click here or on the image on the left to see some fantastic photos by our very own Guðmundur Tómasson who's been covering this event from the start.

This season we are proud to introduce a few good folks who will be working hard at making your trips a great success. On the left is Oliver Hilmarsson who after surfing his way through the west coast of the States now calls the Troll Peninsula his home. Oliver is in charge of guest services and will help you with what ever you need. On the right we have Fridjon Thorleifsson who is only inches away from becoming Iceland's next UIAGM Mountain Guide. Freon who is already a fully certified ski guide lives in Canmore AB, but will be spending the entire season with us. In addition we are very happy to have our token Canadian, Ski guide and underwear model Kirk Becker back in action this season. Kirk is a seasoned heli ski guide from Pemberton BC. Besides having all our top notch guides in action we are also welcoming top Chef, Sonja Eyygloardottir who will delight our taste buds and laughing nerves with her skillful hand and wit. Our regular staff will also all be back this season, so no worries we are not loosing our original charm and roots.   

Yes, the ski season is finally upon us, and as things slow down in the Alps and North America we go into high gear with the largest season to date upon us, lasting until mid June with great skiing and the endless days of the Arctic spring. Its not to late to come sample the goods, for we have a few spots open on our great ski touring adventures on the Troll Peninsula, and for those seeking a faster paced program the Arctic Heli Skiing saga continues this year with hundreds of first descents to be made, and entire regions to be explored. Join us this year in making Icelandic ski history and get the added bonus of checking out the Volcano in action. For up to date pictures and stories join our Facebook fan pages for both BMG and AHS Every year we offer a completely new trip to our return customers and this year is no different with a super exciting sail boat, ski touring adventure on the NE side of the Hidden Land. This exploratory mission is on schedule the last days of May and it only took a day to fill all the spots. Stay tuned for photos and stories from this great adventure on the BMG site and Facebook.

As the days become endless in Iceland and the sun never sets on the Arctic Circle we will be moving our Base Camp to the European Alps. This summer will be dedicated to Alpine climbing of all levels and difficulty so if you find your self in Europe, craving an ascent, of for example the Mont Blanc, Matterhorn or the Eiger just drop us a line and we will get you to the top.

Well enough of the spraying and baiting for now, you all know where to find us if you are looking for a grand time in the mountains so please do not hesitate to give us a shout or drop us a line, if there is anything we can do for you. I wish you all the best until we meet again and hope to see you soon in the mountains, on your skis or ice axe in hand.

Cheers and all the best from Niceland


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