Jack Wolfskin winter catalog

When the German outdoor specialist Jack Wolfskin needed proper winter conditions to shoot their 2013-14 catalog they contacted us at Bergmenn Mountain

Jack Wolfskin winter catalog

Jack Wolfskin model in Icelandic winter storm
Jack Wolfskin model in Icelandic winter storm

We at Bergmenn Mountain Guides do more than ski touring and heli skiing.
Iceland is a rugged natural wonder at it´s best and a hardcore ice desert at it´s worst. It´s our natural environment, we were born here and have spent most of our live working and playing no matter what the weather brings us. In the summers we hike mountains and glaciers, when we have cold spells during winter we go ice climbing, when it snows a lot we go ski touring. When the sun gets higher during the spring we bring out the helicopters and start the Arctic Heli Skiing operation we are so well known for.

All the experience in mix with great education and the highest standards in the world in mountain guiding makes us a perfect choice for projects in the harsh Icelandic nature.

The project for Jack Wolfskin included a two day trip which started on a few hour boat ride on a old wooden boat and then cross country skiing to a remote mountain hut. The day after we were picked up on two super jeeps and driven to Lake Mývatn were we were for three days in the worst winter storm that winter in Iceland. The weather was so bad that the drivers The photographer coming out of cave by lake Myvatncould not see the road and the guide had to walk in front of the trucks.

We managed to shoot the advertising photos in shelter from lava structures and inside some lava caves. During short breaks from the wind we got some good shots of waterfalls and mountains.

The result from this fun project can be seen in the Jack Wolfskin 2013-14 winter catalog, most of it in the hiking chapter beginning on page 118 but also quite many pictures in the product chapters.

click here to see the catalog.

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