Backcountry Skiing

Bergmenn are Icelandic mountainguides specializing in; ski touring, heli skiing, ice and alpine climbing, ski mountaineering in Iceland and Greenland. We

Backcountry Skiing

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  • Adult (group size must be 6 or more) 79.000.- kr.
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Aimed at the intermediate/competent to advanced resort skier who wants to take to the mountains and ski untouched slopes. This course is taught over a weekend arriving afternoon Friday through Sunday.

This course is an excellent addition to an avalanche course to put the skills learned there to use or a training course for an extended ski-touring trip with experienced partners or guides.

This course is designed to give you the ability to start planning and organising your own tours from start to finish. To make good decisions about your ski partners, route selection and hazard recognition and to have a good base to ask the right questions when out touring.

We will be based out of our ski lodges Klængshóll or Karlsá that have all the amenities one can hope for and great ski terrain right outside the front door making for a very efficient use of our time. Course will be taught by a certified ski guide with over 15 years of experience in the ski guiding industry.

Guest to Guide/Instructor ratio: 6:1

Minimum 6 guests per course.

Dates 2021:

  • January 29-31
  • February 5-7 FULL
  • Other dates are possible if you are group of 6 or me. Please contact us at

Course Requirements:

Participants should be intermediate resort skiers/snowboarders that feel comfortable skiing advanced runs in the resort and variable snow conditions. Most of our time will be spent outside in the field on alpine touring / split-board equipment.

Decent level of fitness that will enable you to stay out for a full day (6-8 hours) and cover an elevation gain of 1000-1500 meters.

-We are unable to accommodate snowshoes as a mode of uphill transportation.

-See below the available rental equipment. 

Lodging and food 

Included 2 nights lodging at Klængshóll Lodge. Single and double occupancy available.

Breakfast, packed lunch & dinner Saturday, breakfast and packed lunch Sunday (Snacks not included) 

Full use of bath house facilities, hot tub and sauna.



  • Evening Arrival at Klængshóll lodge (after dinner)
  • Go over equipment and take care of any rental equipment needs


  • Breakfast
  • Introductions
  • Review touring clothing and equipment
  • Introduction to avalanche rescue equipment
  • Exercise on Avalanche Rescue
  • Touring with focus on:
  • Efficient travel for up and downhill skiing
  • Efficient transitions from uphill to downhill skiing
  • Route selection
  • Identify hazards
  • Uphill and downhill on steeper terrain
  • Managing and developing ski proficiency in challenging snow conditions
  • Evaluating the snowpack
  • Dinner
  • Trip planning


  • Breakfast
  • Review weather and avalanche conditions
  • Touring with focus on:
  • Fine tuning skills learned yesterday
  • Map reading, compass and GPS tracking
  • Moving efficiently on a longer tour
  • Transition efficiently
  • Time management



Many of the items on the list are available for rent. Please see available rental equipment below and contact us for any questions you might have.


  • Socks - Wool or synthetic.  Avoid cotton. 
  • Soft Shell Pants - Synthetic preferred.   Make sure the cuffs of the pants fit over your touring boots.
  • Long Underwear Top - Polypropylene or wool recommended.
  • Warm long-sleeve shirt - A light fleece or wool top. 
  • Insulated Jacket - Synthetic or Down. 
  • Shell Jacket - GoreTex parka with hood.
  • Shell Pants
  • Gloves - Two pairs. One insulated pair with a shell (mittens are also acceptable) and one lighter-weight pair to use while traveling uphill.
  • Warm Hat - Wool or fleece hat.

Skiing/Riding Gear

  • Boots - Alpine touring, plastic telemark or comfortable snowboard boots are recommended.  We do rent out ski boots but highly recommend that you bring a pair you are familiar with.
  • Skis or Split-board -  For AT and Telemark skis we recommend skis with a waist width in the 95 to 120 range. 
  • Poles - Adjustable poles are recommended.  For the snowboarders we recommend 3-section poles so they fit on your pack without getting in the way.
  • Climbing skins - These should be trimmed to fit the shape of your ski.  If your skins are too skinny they will not work.  Make sure your skins cover your ski bases well, with a maximum only a few millimeters of base showing at the waist of the ski.
  • Ski Straps - used for holding your skis together on your pack or your shoulder.
  • Transceiver/Beacon - We highly recommend you bring a 3 antenna digital beacon, if you own an older model then please be prepared to rent one from our fleet if your is found lacking in any way.
  • Shovel - Collapsible avalanche shovel.  Metal is preferable.
  • Probe – We recommend you bring a probe 240cm or longer. Ski poles that turn into probes are not acceptable.
  • Helmet - Optional.  If you typically backcountry ski with a helmet we recommend you bring one.  Just make sure you have a good way of carrying it on/in your pack on the way up. 

Miscellaneous Gear 

  • Pack - 30 to 40 liters. 
  • Headlamp
  • Water Bottles and/or Thermos - 2 liters.  If you use a hydration bladder we recommend you use an insulated tube to make sure it does not freeze.
  • Food – Each day at breakfast we will put out lunch fixings before heading out
  • Sunscreen and Lib Balm - SPF 30 or higher
  • Sunglasses - Changeable or Photochromic lenses are nice for variable light conditions.  Consider using retention straps.
  • Ski Goggles
  • Foot Protection - For blisters and hotspots. 
  • Repair Kit - Bring any spare parts specific to your bindings.  The guides will carry a full general repair kit so keep yours light.
  • Camera – Optional
  • Pocket knife or Leatherman – Optional

Available Rental Equipment 

  • Ski Touring Skis – Please contact us to reserve your pair before the course start.
  • Skins
  • Touring Boots – We carry a small inventory of touring boots. We recommend bringing your own pair, you will have a much nicer experience. If you need to rent touring boots, please reserve a pair in advance. 
  • Ski Crampons
  • Poles 
  • Shovel – Pieps Tour
  • Beacon – Pieps DSP digital beacon
  • Probe  - Pieps 260cm

-We do not have any split boards for rent!

Please contact us for further details at:

Bergmenn Mountain Guides

Box 88 - 620 Dalvík
Tel +354 858 3000 

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