Bergmenn are the certified professional mountain guides in Iceland

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Certifications and professionalism

Professionalism and good service is what Bergmenn Mountain Guides are all about. We are Iceland's only certified mountain guides and therefore uphold standards that are well beyond any other operation in the country. Each one of our guides has undergone a strict training and exam process specializing them in risk assessment in the mountain environment. It is our view that this is crucial, given the fact that mountain related activities are far from being risk free. Below you will find more information on certifications and professionalism and in  the guides section of this site you will find descriptions of our guides and their certifications. Is your mountain guide certified?


UIAGM,IFMGA,IVBV,International,mountain guideUIAGM-IFMGA-IVBV 
The International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations is the only worldwide federation of mountain guides. The IFMGA sets the strict standards that each one of over 20 member countries must adhere to in their training and exam process. To become a fully certified IFMGA Mountain Guide each candidate must spend between 5-10 years in training in all 4 disciplines of Mountain Guiding. They are rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and ski mountaineering. The IFMGA standard is the highest and most respected in the world.

ACMG,Association of Canadian Mountain Guides,Canada,Jökull BergmannACMG-Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
The ACMG was the first mountain guides association out side of Europe to become a member of the IFMGA. The ACMG is well known for leading the worldwide standard in the ski guiding industry as well as avalanche training. Jökull Bergmann the founder of Bergmenn Mountain Guides is a member of the ACMG where he received his training and IFMGA certification.

WMA,wilderness,first responder,first aid,certificationWMA-Wilderness Medical Associates
It is a crucial part of every mountain guides training process to undergo extensive training in first aid and medical procedures. Every mountain guide has at least a 70 hour certification in wilderness first aid and many are wilderness EMT's. To stay current and up to date every guide must re certify every few years.

CAA-Canadian Avalanche Association
CAA is one of the most respected organization in the world in avalanche studies and teaching.  Avalanches are one of the greatest dangers we face when traveling in the mountains.  Therefor we require all our guides to be experts in estimating avalanche danger and also avalanche rescue. Bergmenn Mountain Guides are proud to be an Associate member of the Canadian Avalanche association.


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