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Group Size
Minimum 3
Maximum 6
Table mountains with lots of
open runs and couloir options
Up & Down
Avg. ascent 800-1600 meters
1-3 descents per day
Mjoeyri Huts
in Eskifjörður

Heimskringla, the story of the Norse Kings tells the tale of Harald Bluetooth’s attempt to subjugate the proud Icelanders and rule them as part of his kingdom. Harald had a wizard send his spirit in the form of a whale to attack the mountainous coast of the East Fjords, but as he approached, a giant Dragon, the protector of the east attacked and the wizard was driven back to the sea.

Dragon’s are easily imagined when traveling through the rugged mountains of the East Fjords. The landscape consists of jagged snow covered peaks and deep blue fjords. This unspoiled skiers paradise is also home to half a dozen fishing villages and a thriving farming community. Each fjord and town is steeped in rich history as for centuries the East Fjords were the first place that ships from Europe made landfall after the perilous crossing of the Atlantic. 

Leading the way and pioneering new ski touring areas in Iceland has always been the way Bergmenn Mountain Guides has operated.  As the first to explore and organize ski touring trips on the Troll Peninsula and Sail boat ski touring we now offer our guests the opportunity to join us on yet another grand adventure of first descents and discovery.

Based at the comfortable and charming Mjóeyri Lodge in the picturesque Eskifjord, we will explore the surrounding mountains and passes. Each day we will drive a short distance from one fjord to another to access the best ski touring areas. We return to our cozy lodge in the afternoons for a dip into the beach side hot tub and some ocean swimming for the brave at heart. Dinners are served in the Randulffs Seahouse Museum, a 127 year old fisherman's store house built into the fjord. This unique experience of dining in a museum, in what is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Iceland is a large part of the allure of this ski touring adventure. Here you will feast on local delicacies such as fresh fish, reindeer, pickled herring and the world famous Greenland shark.

2024 Dates & Prices

Our prices are listed in Icelandic Krona and are per person. For the most up to date foreign currency conversion rate please refer to the rates listed on the Central Bank of Iceland.

6 day
468.500 ISK

LOD-01 Feb 23-29
LOD-02 Feb 29-March 6
LOD-03 March 6-12
LOD-04 March 12-18
LOD-05 March 18-24
LOD-06 March 24-30
LOD-07 March 30-April 5
LOD-08 April 5-11
LOD-09 April 11-17
LOD-10 April 17-23
LOD-11 April 23-29

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  • Transportation between Egilsstaðir Airport and Mjoeyri Lodge
  • Transportation in 4x4 vehicles for the duration of the trip
  • Accommodation in ocean side cabins with two people sharing each cabin (Single cabin supplement of ISK 10.000 per night)
  • Entry fee to geothermal baths
  • All food from dinner on day 1 to lunch on day 7. Breakfast and packed lunches at Mjoeyri, dinners at Randulffs Seahouse
  • The services of the only Internationally Certified Icelandic ski guides
  • "Down Day" activities including, sea angling, hotsprings, and cultural tours
  • Use of emergency equipment and communications (this does include avalanche safety gear)

Not included 

  • Transportation between Reykjavik and Egilsstaðir before and after trip 
  • Equipment Rental
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Gratuities

A typical day-to-day itinerary


Arrival at Egilstaðir airport in the afternoon where we meet our guide and start the drive to Eskifjörður (50min) We will arrive at Mjóeyri just in time for dinner prepared by our legendary hosts Berglind and Sævar. Descended from a long line of East fjords natives they know the history and traditions of their region better than most. Our guest cabins by the sea await the weary travelers.


The morning is spent on detailed avalanche transceiver and avalanche rescue training, followed by our first peak of many. Our average daily vertical ranges from 1000-1600 meters depending on the group. For those that want more we can go until your legs say stop.

DAY 2-6

Skinning to the tops of peaks and exploring the fantastic ski touring terrain of the East Fjords is the name of the game. The choice for runs is pretty much endless with each fjord home to multiple descents on peaks rising up to 1200 meters straight from the sea. After each day of skiing we will have the pleasure of visiting the small fishing villages, where we can enjoy dips into the geothermal pools, cool pints of lager or a good cup of coffee at the local bar. The East Fjords are largely unexplored when it comes to ski touring and multiple first descents await the adventurous skier.


Another full day of skiing awaits but its also time to say our goodbyes to our new found friends at Mjoeyri. At the end of the day we transfer back to Egilsstaðir and fly to Reykjavik. For those with some extra time on their hands we recommend renting a car in Egilsstaðir and driving the scenic south coast road or venturing north through Lake Myvatn Nature reserve and the Troll Peninsula on their way to the capital.



  • Wind and waterproof shell jacket (Gore Tex or equivalent)
  • Wind and waterproof pants (Gore Tex or equivalent)
  • Base layer top and bottom  (wool or synthetic) 
  • Soft Shell of Fleece Jacket 
  • Light down or fiber jacket 
  • Hat 
  • Gloves and/or Mittens (2 pairs, thinner touring gloves and thicker skiing gloves)
  • Ski socks
  • Backpack 30-40 liters (With ski attachments)
  • Thermos or water bottle (1-2 liters)
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski goggles
  • Sun and lip cream
  • Ski touring skis, telemark or split board (snowshoes are not acceptable)
  • Skins
  • Ski crampons (not optional)*
  • Ski poles
  • Avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel
  • Bathing suit for geothermal baths
  • Small first aid kit with personal medications, blister kit etc
  • Camera
  • Power adaptors and necessary chargers for your electrical devices (Iceland uses Northern European electrical standards 50 Hz/220 volts)
  • Casual day-to-day clothing for dinners at lodge and town visits
  • During March-early April we recommend winter boots as there is often snow surrounding the lodge.  

Please have your ski boots in carry on baggage during your flights to Iceland. If your skis get temporarily lost we can provide excellent rental gear. Arctic Heli Skiing | Bergmenn Mountain Guides offer some equipment for rent, please contact us for information and availability.

*Most backcountry ski bindings offer integrated ski crampon systems. Ski crampons work in conjunction with your skins to save you energy providing efficient skinning in firm snow situations. Ski crampons are lightweight and easy to carry and a great tool to add to your backcountry kit if you do not already own them. Please contact us if you are not able to find this piece of equipment for you trip. We do not have any available for rent, however we may be able to help you find an online retailer. 

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" We had an incredible trip, very good times, And a huge thanks to our LOCAL guide Gaddi, so good to get the Icelandic culture information from him. We were the over the hill gang, but he lead us on great adventures at a good pace. Beautiful country and a superb guide to show it to us. Our host was over the top accommodating our group! Thank you. "
- Jim Stone


  • Can snowboarders join your programs?

    Of course!  We do not discriminate against our single board friends as long as you bring your own split board.  Although our guides use skis for guiding they have years of experience guiding snowboarders and are very conscious in choosing the appropriate terrain when necessary (so no long flat runouts!).  Please be aware that we do not carry split boards in our rental fleet guests must bring their own splitboards. 

  • Can you accommodate skiers with special dietary needs?

    Please advise us by making note of any special needs or allergies on your booking form when reserving your trip. If we know in advance we can prepare and accommodate you no matter what your dietary needs are. The only food not readily available in Iceland is Kosher food.

  • How many skiers are there in a group?

    Our group minimum is 3 skiers. If you are one or two skiers that would like to join a trip then please do not hesitate to stay in touch and we will let you know what trips are available. Our guest to guide ratio is 8:1. If you are considering bringing a bigger group than 8 persons then we can add a second guide. 

  • How do I get to Egilsstaðir?

    Once you arrive in Iceland you can chose to fly or drive to Egilstaðir in the east of Iceland where our the Land of Dragons program begins. AirIcelandConnect offers 2 flights daily to Egilstaðir (flights are around 1 hour in duration). Flights depart from Reykjavik Domestic Airport which is approximately 45 minutes from the Keflavik International Airport. You can also drive to Egilstaðir which takes approximately 8 hours. Please visit our Getting Here page for further details.

  • Can you help with travel planning before or after a trip?

    We can offer some assistance with your travel plans or point you in the right direction of a travel agency in Iceland. The following page has a lot of information and ideas for pre and post program planning in Iceland. For trips outside of Iceland we are happy to assist as well, just let us know. 


  • Do you have splitboards available or can I use snowshoes?

    We do not have splitboards available for rent and they are very difficult to rent in Iceland. You must bring your own splitboard. It is not possible to use snowshoes in place of a snowboards unless you are on a private program and talk with us at the time of booking.