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Join us on a true adventure of exploration and discovery, first descents, outstanding professional service and a cultural experience of a lifetime. 

In Greenland, Arctic Heli Skiing is proud to partner up with legendary heli ski guide and explorer Kevin Boekholt in offering exclusive heli ski adventures on the east coast of this world's largest island. The region of Ammassalik covers an area of approximately 250.000 Km2 and is well known for its jagged peaks, deep fjords and unique Inuit culture that was only interrupted about a hundred years ago by European explorers for the first time. The local population of only about 2500 people in the entire region is very proud of this heritage and has maintained many traditional ways, such as hunting using dog sleds for transportation and travel.

The nature of the area is also no less than spectacular with a large number of marine mammals such as whales, seals and polar bears roaming this majestic region. What this means for you is thousands of peaks and slopes to explore and ski in a landscape, nature and culture like no other, where untouched snow capped peaks tower over the frozen landscapes of towering icebergs, fjords and islands. Greenland is, and will continue to be one of the world's most special places to go heliskiing.

​​​​​​​We have been operating in Greenland since 2004 and we invite you to participate in a true adventure of exploration and discovery. First descents, naming runs and visiting peaks that have never seen a human being before is what you will experience along with outstanding professional service and a cultural experience of a lifetime. Our program is run out of Hotel Kulusuk on the island of Kulusuk in eastern Greenland. The Hotel is situated right on the edge of the best ski terrain and we fly right out of there with the closest runs only minutes away.

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