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We frequently work with visiting guides to help with everything from logistics to providing a full package including guides, lodging and transportation.

The option we encourage visiting guides to consider is to promote our ski touring packages 4 Day Sample the Goods or 6 Day World Class Ski Touring. With this option we will provide you with a guide from our team and you will receive a 10% commission on seats sold (minimum 6 and maximum 12 pax) as well as food and lodging for yourself at no cost.

The second option is for your group simply to arrange lodging and food with us.

Our ski touring lodge Karlsá is conveniently located at the base of some of the best ski touring terrain in Iceland. That being said we do reserve our lodge for our ski touring programs (the option mentioned above), however March is not usually a busy time for us so it may be possible to offer it to your group.

The price for Karlsá (which includes all meals) is 30,000 ISK/ night per person (minimum 6 guests). You will have the opportunity to join the guides meetings at our heli ski lodge, Klængshóll, for a full briefing on local conditions upon arrival. If you are looking to have the lodge exclusively for your group there would be an additional fee. The lodge sleeps 12 -15 guests (depending on double and single bed configurations) so there is the possibility of another small group being there at the same time.