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Group Size
4 Guests for first load 5 guests for additional loads
Wide open slopes to steep couloirs and glaciated terrain
Up & down
Drop off around 1200-1400 meter elevation
No accommodation included

Helicopter assisted ski touring

Whether you are a group skiing in the area on your own or if  you are on a touring program with Bergmenn Mountain Guides we can assist you with a heli drop for ski touring. During our heli skiing season (mid-February through June) we typically have 2 to 4 helicopters based at our Klængshóll lodge in Skiðadalur. Depending on conditions and our heli skiing program for the day, it is possible to drop touring groups off on a nearby peak in the morning before our regular heli programs begin.

2024 Dates & Prices

A heli drop for ski touring is based on €3,500 /hour of flight time and would typically include 1 drop in the morning. If you are a group of 4 then the cost will be approximately €290/person. It is possible to access some amazing terrain within 20 minutes of flying or less and please keep in mind that this accounts for both legs of your transfer.

We can usually accommedate multiple loads of transfer, in the case of more then one load there are 4 guests on the first load and then up to 5 guests on each load after that. Please keep in mind that this option is highly time dependent and has to be coordinated ahead of time. 

We have several heli access only ski tours in the area to chose from. Our guides will work with the group leader/guide to decide upon the best option based on conditions and the group.

Due to the many variables involved with heli assisted touring we are not able to guarantee a date in advance. If you are a visiting guide to the area and would like to arrange a drop for your group please contact us via or phone +354.858.3000 and we will do our best to accommodate you.



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  • Instructional helicopter safety briefing
  • Service of certified mountain guide who will join the group leader along with the groups first load to the designated peak of choice.
  • Service of ground staff during multiple group loading 
  • Helicopter and pilot along with first aid, safety and survival equipment.  


  • Transfer to and from Klængshóll or other agreed upon heli staging.
  • Use of facilities on location.
  • Flight time: Flight time can be estimated to a certain degree but please keep in mind that an increase in flight time for any reason will be charged at the return of the group to Klængshóll. 
  • Straps for skis and poles
  • Helicopter pickup: If for some reason a group needs to be picked up during the ski tour we can not guarentee a time or availability of the helicopter. 
  • Pickup by car: We do not provide any service for picking a group up if you intend on ending your tour at a different location. 

Arrival/Departure Checklist

Note: Time and date must be coordinated with our office before arrival, we can not accommedate drop-in requests.

Please read the below checklist carefully:

  • Please make arrangements with as much advance as you can with our office, call +354.858.3000 or by email at
  • Once arrangements for a suitable date have been made, please call us the morning of your departure at the designated time and phone number given during your booking.  
  • Please arrive early and allow 30 minutes to prepare your group before scheduled meeting time.
  • A staff member will meet you on your arrival and guide you to the most appropriate parking. Please make sure you see a staff member before you start off-loading equipment! 
  • All group and individual equipment should be checked and rechecked prior to meeting. 
  • Please bundle skis with a ski strap along with poles or make a bundle from all ski poles with ski strap. 
  • All sharp objects, crampons and ice-axes, should be bundled and not attached to the outside of your ski bags. 
  • Make sure your trip leader is on the first load and you have discussed alternate plans for the remaining participants if the weather should suddenly change after the first load is dropped off. 
  • Once the group is ready a staff member will direct the group to a staging area to re-group for heli safety prior to take off.  
  • In case of group delay we can not guarentee that you will make your flight. 
  • Always have a plan B for the day in case we are unable to operate your flight. 
  • Please note that there is not a public use bathroom at the lodge. 


Directions to Klængshóll Lodge