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Programs in Iceland and other skiing destinations around the world

Bergmenn Mountain Guides specializes in skiing adventures in Iceland, Greenland and around the globe. Bergmenn Mountain Guides are the first guiding company in Iceland and Greenland offering only services of certified guides and UIAGM-IFMGA Mountain Guides. 

The goal of Bergmenn Mountain Guides is to provide to you the best service available, with the highest level of safety and certification in the industry of mountain guiding in the Arctic North.

    A tiny Island with a lot to offer

Iceland ski touring programs

Iceland is a world class destination for ski touring, backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering. The center of activity is the Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland with vertical descents of up to 1500m or almost 5000ft, thousands of peaks and slopes for all abilities with abundant snow fall make this a paradise for skiers and mountaineers. The season lasts from the end of February until the beginning of June, and with the continual daylight of the Arctic Sun overhead and mild temperatures, snow conditions remain favorable with great corn skiing and the occasional powder dump well into June. The fact that the Troll Peninsula is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean makes for incredible opportunities of skiing right down to the ocean on stable coastal snowpack but also adds the excitement of Arctic weather and conditions. Iceland is a true adventure skiing destination.

Heli Assisted Ski Touring

It´s still ski touring with just a little dash of heli assistance to start the day off. Get a lift to the interior peaks of the Troll Peninsula and ski some of the best slopes the Troll peninsula has to offer on your way back.
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Troll peninsula 4 & 6 day programs

This is our original ski touring program that put the Troll peninsula on the map as an internationally acclaimed ski touring destination. Based out of the renovated Karlsa Ski Lodge, we have thought of everything so that you don´t have to.

Siglo Private Ski Touring Programs

If it were not for our ,perhaps partial, love of our own base of operation this would be the best accommodation on the Troll peninsula. Sigló hotel in located in the charming town of Siglufjörður, surrounded by spectacular views.

Eastfjords Land of Dragons

Dragon’s are easily imagined when traveling through the rugged mountains of the East Fjords. Join us in this unspoiled skiers paradise.

Westfjords Kviar Ski Lodge

The beautifully renovated abandoned farm of Kvíar is a cozy but rugged haven for adventurers to enjoy a great atmosphere after a fulfilling day out.

Ski Touring Course

This weekend course is aimed at intermediate to advanced resort skiers who want to venture further into the mountains and earn their turns on untouched slopes.
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Outside of Iceland

Although the ski season in Niceland is long and plentiful ranging from late February through June we find that an "off season" can be a little boring. Our international ski trips make for a great way to extend the best season (skiing of course) of the year. Each year we embark on finding and exploring our dream destinations and we would love for you to join us. How about a pre or post season trip to Antartctica, Japan or South America. Watch the next ski movie premier and say "been there done that".

Japan powder skiing

Our voyage takes us to the powder blessed forests of Hokkaido Island. Each day will feature a complete dose of the renowned Japanese snow along with a complete immersion into the culture of this great island
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Svalbard Ski Touring

This is a true ski touring adventure, in one of the planets most interesting and breathtaking destinations. Svalbard offers an incredible combination of world class ski touring, Arctic wildlife and nature exploration.
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A great way to experience this remote ski destination with unrivaled vistas, glacier covered peaks, icebergs and wildlife all while surrounded by experts in each field. The Antarctic ski expedition will be a memory etched in your mind forever.
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