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 It has been said that all a company is, is it's people and in no business is that as much of a fact as in the business of mountain guiding. Our guides come from all over the world and are all personal friends of Jökull Bergmann the founder of Bergmenn Mountain Guides, friends that have shared many sunny days in the mountains as well as challenging and dangerous situations. That is how we know for a fact that they are among the best in the industry.


Jökull is Iceland's first and only IFMGA Internationally certified mountain guide, the founder and owner of Arctic Heli Skiing. He is a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides ACMG with whom he finished his certification. Jökull, or JB as most people call him has climbed and skied extensively all over the world, and lived and worked in both the European Alps and the mountains of Western Canada. He has brought this wealth of diverse experience to Iceland where he has to his name over one hundred first ascents and descents in Iceland and Greenland. JB's love of the mountains grew from an early age working as a shepherd on his grandparent's farm on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland or maybe it had something to do with his name which in English would translate directly to Glacier Mountainman.  


As the former head master of the local school and our current Ground Operations Manager Kristján makes sure we all stay in line, helicopters get fuel and that the day to day operations go smoothly. With his encyclopedic knowledge of Icelandic history and pretty much everything else, a conversation with Kristján is most definitely something you should not miss out on during your time with us. A native of the valley, Kristján grew up herding sheep and running up and down the mountains of the Troll Peninsula when not busy training track and field or the local football club.


Erin is our Director of Operations, Webmaster and head of Bookings to name a few of the hats that this multi talented native of Washington State wears here on the Troll Peninsula. Well known for her insistent attention to detail and organization Erin keeps our office humming with her endless energy, but any chance she gets she will be out there mountain running
biking or ski touring, leaving us all in the dust. Erin is also a CSGA Certified Level 1 Ski Guide and an overall high performance athlete, mother of two wonderful children and wife to our Chief of Guiding Operations Einar Ísfeld.

Anna Dóra

Anna Dóra is the mother of Jökull Bergmann and the de facto boss of bosses at Klængshóll Lodge where she was born and raised on her parents sheep farm. Anna Dóra is always happy to recount tales of growing up right here on the farm, so don't miss out on the chance of striking up a conversation. Anna Dóra has worked in the tourism sector in Iceland for around 40 years but also traveled the world extensively before returning to her roots on the Troll Peninsula. She is a yoga instructor and her deep love of nature and being in the mountains is only surpassed by her attention to her three grandchildren and heirs to the family farm.


Quite possibly the most important person on our team and owner of Arctic Heli Skiing. Sunna is the person holding the purse, paying the bills and making sure that her dear husband Jökull Bergmann keeps at least one foot on the ground. A licensed Practical Nurse by trade Sunna now nurtures her family business and makes sure everyone, be it guests or members of the AHS team is well taken care of. Sunna loves skiing, mountain biking, and traveling the wilds of Iceland, all the while doing a pretty spectacular job of raising the three ski racing heirs to the operation.


As our Guiding Operations Manager Einar makes sure that our team of guides is as good, safe and fun as they get. An AMGA certified Ski Guide, Einar's impressive resume includes numerous expeditions to all corners of the world and extensive work in mountain rescue. With his calm collective demeanor and impressive Viking stature you will instantly feel that no man could possibly be more qualified to lead you through the mountains of the Troll's. A father of two and one big dog, Einar lives in our local village Dalvík with his much better half Erin Jorgensen our Director of Operations.


Gregory has had one foot in Iceland and the other in his home the French Alps for the past quarter century or so. He is a French IFMGA Mountain guide and a member of the SNGM the French Mountain Guides Association. Gregory is responsible for all Bergmenn activities in the European Alps as well as guiding ski touring trips to all four corners of the world. Gregory holds a couple of degrees in Biology and splits his time between guiding and teaching. Gregory speaks fluent Icelandic after spending years in Iceland where he became best friends with Jökull Bergmann in their teenage years of climbing and skiing.


Known for being just about the nicest guy you will ever meet as well as the most motivated ski touring guide out there, you will surely enjoy Owen's company. He is an ACMG certified Ski Guide working winters in BC where he has tackled more long range ski traverses than most, and is as fit as they come. Canadian by birth but living in London UK Owen spends his off season working as a high rise roped access technician between forays to the limestone crags of southern Europe. Owen's love of Iceland grows stronger every year as does his vocabulary so expect him to teach you a word or two.



Icelandic born and bred Róbert spends his winters in BC working in the heli ski industry. Róbert is an ACMG certified Ski Guide as well as an instructor for the Canadian Avalanche Association. Great friends with Jökull Bergmann since the two of them completed their Mountain Rescue training some 20+ years ago the two have shared many big days in the mountains. Some of the other hats worn by this very talented man include being the President of the Icelandic Mountain Guides Association, a Registered Landscape Architect and a Graphic Designer. Róbert is in fact the creator of our beloved AHS Logo, father of two lovely Icelandic/Canadian princesses and as true an Icelander as you will ever meet.


a.k.a "Gaddi" is one of Iceland's finest multi adventure guides, having started his career at a very early age. ACMG Certified Assistant Ski Guide and graduate of the Thompson Rivers University Adventure Guide Program he has specialized in expedition logistics and sea kayak guiding in the wilds of Greenland among other things. With a strong background in skiing, avalanche training and many years of guiding in the mountains of the Troll Peninsula, Gaddi's calm and friendly demeanor will make him an instant friend of everyone he leads through the mountains.



Born and raised in the West Fjords of Iceland, Örvar practically grew up in the mountains and on skis. As one of the countries finest youth Nordic ski racers, his destiny seems to have been to spend winters on snow and summers on rock. Despite his young age Örvar is an ACMG Certified Ski Guide and has his sights on completing the full IFMGA Certification. Well known for his infectious laughter and countless terrible jokes, there is never a dull moment with this gentle giant around.


This inseparable dynamic duo from Dalvik is responsible for providing our guests at Hjalteyri Hotel and Karlsá Lodge with their fine culinary skills. Renowned in the region by foodies, they love nothing more than treating your taste buds to one feast after another. In the off season Gréta manages the local cultural center and Júlli is responsible for the Great Fish day. This is Iceland's largest annual town festival, held every August in our village of Dalvik where over 30,000 people show up for a weekend of celebrating the heritage and culture of our fishermen forefathers, but most importantly to eat lot's of fish.


Öddi .... 


Geir hails from Akureyri where he grew up on a strict diet of ski racing in winter and working as a farmhand and fisherman during summer, so he is no stranger to hard honest work. Geir is also no stranger to AHS as he started out as one of our guests over a decade ago. He went on to co-found Akureyri Backpackers Hostel and Bistro with Jökull which he has been running for the past 7 years. With a degree and background in business and finance and intimate knowledge of tourism, especially skiing, Geir is a fantastic addition to our great team and the perfect man to manage our dynamic operation. 


Our chef extraordinaire, Heimir, is in charge, that´s it, goodbye... But aside from that Heimir makes Klængshóll lodge his home during the ski season and handles the most important aspect of any successful ski day, the food. His family is mostly glad to get rid of him during the season but on occasion, they will come to visit and we lengthen his chain to reach out of the kitchen, but just.