The Icelandic Mountain Guides

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The Mountain Guides

 It has been said that all a company is, is it's people and in no business is that as much of a fact as in the business of mountain guiding. Our guides come from all over the world and are all personal friends of Jökull Bergmann the founder of Bergmenn Mountain Guides, friends that have shared many sunny days in the mountains as well as challenging and dangerous situations. That is how we know for a fact that they are among the best in the industry.

     Jökull Bergmann Jökull Bergmenn,JB,Bergmenn,UIAGM,IFMGAIFMGA,UIAGM,IVBV                                                

Jökull is Iceland's first and only IFMGA Internationally certified mountain guide. He is a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides ACMG with whom he finished his certification. Jökull is the owner and lead guide of Bergmenn Mountain Guides. Jökull or JB as most people call him has climbed and skied extensively all over the world, and lived and worked in both the European Alps and the mountains of Western Canada. He has brought this wealth of diverse experience to Iceland and the Arctic North where he has to his name over a hundred first ascents and descents in Iceland and Greenland. JB's love of the mountains grew from an early age working as a shepherd on his grandparent's farm on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland or maybe it had something to do with his name which in English would translate directly to Glacier Mountainman.   

Gregory Facon,UIAGM,IFMGA,France,Bergmenn     Gregory Facon

Gregory has had one foot in Iceland and the other in his home the French Alps for the past decade or so. He is a French IFMGA Mountain guide and a member of the SNGM the French Mountain Guides Association. Gregory is responsible for all Bergmenn activities in the European Alps as well as guiding ski touring trips to all four corners of the world. Gregory holds a couple of degrees in Biology and splits his time between guiding and teaching. Gregory speaks fluent Icelandic after spending a year in Iceland as a teenager where he met and climbed with Jökull Bergmann. 

ACMG,ACMG Ski Guide,Guide,logo
Friðjón Þorleifsson,Freon,Fridjon Thorleifsson,Bergmenn Mountain Guides   Friðjón Þórleifsson
Friðjón aka Freon is an ACMG certified ski guide and well on his way to becoming Iceland's next UIAGM/IFMGA mountain guide. Freon resides in Revelstoke BC working in the heli ski industry in Canada in the winters, but as the sun rises in the spring sky, Freon makes his way back over the ocean to his fabled homeland and guides heli skiing and ski touring with his old friend Jökull, on the Troll Peninsula. Freon is a very talented skier and climber who's accomplishments include guiding both Iceland and Greenland Ice cap crossings as well as a multitude of firsts in both Iceland and Greenland.


ACMG,ACMG Ski Guide,Guide,logo
Kirk Becker,Ski Guide,ACMG,Bergmenn Mountain Guides,Arctic Heli Skiing   Kirk Becker
Kirk is an ACMG Ski Guide and assistant alpine guide and will soon complete his IFMGA/UIAGM certification. Kirk resides in Pemberton BC and works most winters guiding ski touring and heliski guests around the beautiful Coast Mountains of British Colombia. In recent years he has worked extensively within the ski movie industry as a safety technician and scout. Kirk's love of the Icelandic mountains is as strong as his dedication and commitment to his guests, who return year after year to ski with him in the mountains of the Troll Peninsula.

Jimmy G,Jim Gudjonson,ACMG,IFMGA,UIAGM,Bergmenn    Jim GudjonsonUIAGM,IFMGA,IVBV       

Jimmy G is a Canadian IFMGA Mountain Guide, climber and skier par excellence. Jim's family moved to Canada from Iceland a couple of generations ago but he is still proud of his Icelandic heritage and enjoys nothing more than exploring the mountains of Iceland on his skis. When not slaying powder or climbing ice around his home town of Golden BC Jim works as an examiner for the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, the ACMG. 

UIAGM,IFMGA,IVBVNorm Winter,Norm,Revelstoke Alpine,IFMGA,ACMG    Norm Winter 

Norm Winter is an IFMGA certified mountain guide and a member of the ACMG, the Association of Canadian mountain guides. Norm has traveled extensively guiding, and has become one of the most experienced heli ski guides in the world. Norm played an instrumental role in the build up of Bergmenn's heli ski project in Iceland, Arctic Heli Skiing. When not exploring new terrain around the globe, Norm spends his time in Revelstoke BC where he runs his own company Revelstoke Alpine Guides.


UIAGM,IFMGA,IVBVJia Condon,Jia,Jiaproductions,UIAGM,IFMGA,Bergmenn    Jia Condon 

A self proclaimed professional recreationalist Jia is also An IFMGA certified mountain guide and a member of ACMG. Jia is a man of many talents and has traveled the world extensively on climbing and skiing expeditions racking up a long list of first ascents and descents. Jia is also a photographer par excellence and splits his time evenly pursuing those passions. Jia pioneered sailboat ski touring in Iceland along with Jim Gudjonsson and Jokull Bergmann one of many expeditions he has been on involving sailboats.


Paul is a member of the Swiss Mountain Guides SBV and the UIAGM.
An all around high performance mountain athlete Paul is your man if you are looking to climb the high peaks of Switzerland. The Eiger and Matterhorn are practically in his backyard. When not high up in the Alps, Paul can be found heli ski guiding in Canada or rock climbing the sunny cliffs surrounding the Mediterranean.

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