Arctic Heli Skiing in Iceland and Greenland

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Arctic Heli Skiing - Iceland

Arctic Heli Skiing is operated by Bergmenn Mountain Guides on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland. After operating ski touring and ski mountaineering trips on the Troll Peninsula for the past 18 years we have now extended our program to Heli Skiing. The potential for world class down hill skiing is mind blowing with thousands of slopes and peaks waiting for their first descent with vertical descents of up to 1500m or almost 5000ft.

Our vast terrain covers more than 4000 square kilometers, or 1500 square miles of breathtaking Arctic mountains with terrain that suits every skiers ability be it extreme couloirs or wide open glaciers. Our position just below the Arctic Circle with the mountains rising straight out of the sea allows for a skiing experience of a lifetime, skiing all the way down to the ocean basking in the rays of the Midnight Sun. This can give the concept of night skiing a whole new meaning. Check out our Media section for great photos, videos and articles on skiing in Iceland.
Our season starts mid February but lasts with generally excellent corn skiing and the occasional powder dump until the end of June. The fact that the Troll Peninsula is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean makes for incredible opportunities for skiing right down to the ocean on stable coastal snowpack but also adds the excitement of Arctic weather and conditions. Throw in a mix of volcanic activity, hot springs, lava fields and a unique culture and you will find that Iceland is a true adventure skiing destination.
The fact that Iceland is only a few hours flight away from all major cities on both sides of the Atlantic gives you an opportunity for a quick heli ski get away with no jet lag and the minimum of precious days off. Join us for a truly unique experience.
For further details about our heli skiing program, including dates, please visit our Arctic Heli Skiing website. 
Skiing to the ocean on the Troll Peninsula Iceland. Photo: Fredrik SchenholmSkiing on northern Iceland's Troll Peninsula. Photo: Fredrik SchenholmHelicopter skiing in northern Iceland. Photo: Phil Marchand

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