Avalanche Course

Bergmenn are Icelandic mountainguides specializing in; ski touring, heli skiing, ice and alpine climbing, ski mountaineering in Iceland and Greenland. We

Avalanche Course

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Avalanches are one of the biggest dangers when traveling in mountains in winter time.  It doesn´t matter if you are skier, climber, hiker or snowmobile user you need to know about avalanches.

We teach you to understand the terrain you are traveling through and how to avoid the most dangerous areas.  How weather affects the layers in the snow and how to use simple methods to check the stability of the snowpack. You´ll learn what safety equipment you should always carry with you and how to use it.  In the end we practice avalanche search and rescue.

Bergmenn Mountain Guides is the only company in Iceland with UIAGM certified guides and all the instructors have avalanche education from Canadian Avalanche Association

Bergmenn Mountain Guides

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