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We strongly encourage guests to purchase travel and medical insurance prior to joining any of our programs. There are many providers of travel medical insurance that cover hospital expenses in the event of injury. The level of coverage is up to the individual. In many cases, insurance providers require additional coverage for adventure sports such as off-piste skiing  so please make sure that you have the appropriate coverage. 

It is not uncommon to confuse travel medical insurance with travel insurance. Travel insurance is distinct in that it covers costs of a traveler’s trip that might be forfeited on account of illness, injuries, delays, or other unforeseeable events that require the traveler to miss a program, hotel reservations, etc. For example, if you became ill and are not able to participate in your program after having paid for it, travel insurance would at least reimburse a portion of the cost. Whether or not a travel insurance plan also covers medical expenses incurred abroad depends on the particular policy. It is important to research the coverage offered to determine if additional travel health and medical evacuation insurance is needed.

Bergmenn Mountain Guides has teamed up with Global Rescue for your travel insurance needs should your insurance provider not have a comprehensive travel package available.  Please click the badges below for further information.


               Global Rescue Partner