Guided alpine climbing in Iceland and Greenland

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Alpine Climbing in Iceland and Greenland

Iceland and Greenland offer great opportunities for Alpine climbing and general mountaineering. Iceland is less known for its alpine terrain but there are many worthwhile ascents to be made and many routes still wait their first ascent. In Iceland the center of activity is around the southern side of the immense Vatnajökull icecap where Iceland's highest peak Hvannadalshnúkur rises out of the glacial plateau. The peaks in that area rise up 2000m or more than 6500ft out of the Atlantic Ocean and make for formidable objectives. The terrain is mostly mixed with ice and snow climbing being the norm but multi pitch alpine rock routes also exist on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland and the Eastern part of the country.

Greenland on the other hand contains one of the world's largest mountain ranges with the highest peak Gunnbjornsfjeld at over 3700m or 12000ft. The East coast of Greenland offers as someone ones said, 3000km of Chamonix peaks rising straight out of the ocean. Now that should tell most people more than any lengthy description what Greenland is all about. For those that are after something steeper, the south coast around Ketils Fjord has Granite big walls up to 2000m or 6500ft high, some of the highest such walls in the world. With all these mountains, first ascents and exploration is what trips to Greenland are all about. Want to name a peak after yourself? Join us for a Greenland climbing trip.
Bergmenn Mountain Guides are the only Internationally certified mountain guides permanently based in the region and offer you custom made Alpine climbing adventures with the emphasis on high quality professional service.

Rates for private alpine guiding 


Ratio 1:1 / 70.000.- ISK per day per person 
Ratio 1:2 / 45.000.- ISK per day per person 
Ratio 1:3 / 35.000.- ISK per day per person

Rates include: Guide service             
Rates do not include: Transport, food, lodging, equipment rental, your guides expenses, gratuities                                                                                   

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