Ice climbing in Iceland with Bergmenn, icelandic mountain guides

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Ice climbing in Iceland

Iceland as the name quite boldly implies has a lot to offer to the ice climber. It is safe to say that the terrain and conditions in Iceland are amongst the best in the world for ice climbing. The season can last from late October to the end of May but due to the oceanic climate of Iceland conditions vary and change rapidly through out the winter. This is very good in the sense that the ice is never super cold and brittle but it also means that you have to have a flexible program as to where in Iceland you want to climb.

The fact that Iceland is only a few hours flight away from all major cities on both sides of the Atlantic means that you can with ease come over for a quick weekend hit or a longer trip full of first ascents.
Choosing the best area for ice climbing in Iceland is very difficult for there is good climbing in all four corners of the country. If you are looking for a short trip there are hundreds of climbs within an hours drive from Reykjavik but if you are up for some exploration the options are endless with plenty of first ascents to be had.
Bergmenn Mountain Guides are Iceland's only specialized ice climbing guides and offer custom made programs to suit your needs, be it a quick day trip, week end or a full fledged week of first ascents, Bergmenn are here to make your ice dreams come true.
Rates for private ice climbing guiding 

Ratio 1:1 / 70.000.- per day per person 
Ratio 1:2 / 45.000.- ISK per day per person 
Ratio 1:3 / 35.000.- ISK per day per person

Rates include: Guide service             
Rates do not include: Transport, food, lodging, equipment rental, your guides expenses, gratuities                                                                                   


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