Klęngshóll, gisting

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Klęngshóll ķ Skķšadal

Klęngshóll ķ SkķšadalKlęngshóll Lodge in Skķšadalur Valley or Raven Hill Lodge in Ski Valley as it would translate to in English, will be your home during your stay with us. The Lodge is an ancient sheep farm that's been continually habited from the time of the settlement of the Vikings in Iceland in circa 850AD. The last sheep farmers at Klęngshóll were the grandparents of Bergmenn Mountain Guides owner Jökull Bergmann and he grew up on the farm working as a shepherd in the mountains of the Troll Peninsula.

The farm house was built in the late fifties and maintains the classic appearance of the houses built in that era with a large kitchen/dining room which was the heart, soul and meeting place of the whole family in those days and many bedrooms of varying sizes. Another classic part of the architecture of these mid twentieth century farm houses is the large entry way used in the preparation of foods for storage and many other tasks. This entry way now serves as our ski and boot room. As most farmhouses in Iceland the exterior is white washed with a bright red roof, the traditional color of an Icelandic farm, a tradition brought on by the fact that for decades those were the only two colors available at the coops around the country.
There is room for up to 11 guests in single or double rooms with shared bathroom facilities. The rooms are spacious, and bright with comfortable beds, decorated in a simple Scandinavian fashion. There is a large living room with comfortable couches a TV and an extensive library for your use. Every day after skiing we will visit one of the geo thermal baths in the region for a hot soak, an Icelandic tradition where we can mingle with the locals and catch up on the latest news on fishing and farming. 
All meals are served in our country style kitchen/dining room and prepared by our great chef. The focus is on local products such as organic lamb, fresh fish and game meats such as goose, with great emphasis on using what nature provides in the region. Vegetarians need not worry for our chef is well versed in the ways of the no meat people.
We ski right out of the door of Klęngshóll Lodge with one of our signature runs The Horse giving you over 1200m or 4000ft of vertical descent right back to the front door. When not skiing right from the lodge we use 4x4 vehicles to access the goods all over the Troll Peninsula.

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